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Dear Busy Female Entrepreneur,

If you’re the person in your business right now, probably at some point you’ve thought:

“I need to clone myself!”

You’ve been imagining hiring your first employee…

But you’re not sure if now is the time. 

You barely have time to keep up with a fraction of your email, customer service, or even bookkeeping…

(And, if you’re just starting out, the money’s probably a bit tight too.)

How are you going to find time and money to hire and train your first employee?


What are these signs?

You’ll want to check for Sign #1 immediately, because it probably happened to you LAST NIGHT… and you’re not happy about it this morning! 

Sign #2 is probably causing you so much stress you need to do a meditation to get over it… if you only had time to meditate!

If you’re suffering from Sign #3, your business is losing out on tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue - and many of your customers may be ready to bounce. 

If Sign #4 gets resolved soon (and I’ll show you how) you might just find yourself sipping a margarita on a beach vacation somewhere within several months, while others handle your business for you… 

And Sign #5 is the kicker… where you’ll learn how to take action.

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"Peg’s step-by-step program has taken the fear out of hiring our first employee. She started with us thinking about what we wanted the employee to do and who that employee may be. The next thing we knew, we had a job description and a job post. Peg makes you think of aspects of your business that could easily be handled by someone else. The best part is when you realize how much more time you have to do other parts of your business. She took the fear out of hiring our first employee and helped us to discover how much having an employee can add to our company. Thank you, Peg!"

Mike and Wendy Rossman
In Stitches Embroidery and Patch, LLC

Hi, I'm Peg.

I help busy solopreneurs build smoothly functioning teams so they can focus their efforts on growing their businesses. If you are a solopreneur ready to make your very first hire, I can help you find that perfect fit for your job, your team, and your company culture.

I admire you, as a solopreneur, for stepping out, doing something on your own, and making a success of it. I know how important the business is to you--it truly is your baby!--and I know how scary, expensive, and potentially dangerous it is for you to make your first hire. 

I’m here to help you find the right person, thus experiencing the magic of just how much the right hire can make your business and your entire life better. 

I'm here to support you.

I know how important your business is to you and how critical your first hire is. If you’re not sure if it’s time for you to make that leap and bring on your first team member, then you definitely need to read my free report, “5 Signs It’s Time to Hire Your First Employee.” Simply enter your email below and I’ll send it to you right away!

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